Unbound Excerpts. 2018. Digital media.

Unbound Excerpts. 2016-present, pencils and digital media.Read all the comics

Training Day. 2016, india ink and digital media.

Penny Larceny (c. Fiction Factory Games) 2022-2023

One Deck Galaxy (c. Asmadi Games). 2018 - 2022

1001 Odysseys (c. Asmadi Games) 2022 - present.

Attack on Mars. 2018.

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Sam "Crowbar" Henry is a full time freelance artist living on the east coast of Canada. They graduated the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2012 and self published their first book collection of comics in 2018. They are passionate about D&D, science fiction, and riding their motorcycle.Software:
Clip Studio Paint
Affinity Photo
Affinity Publisher
Client Projects:
Fiction Factory Games - Penny Larceny - Visual Novel Character Sprite Artist, Character Design. 2022-23
Asmadi Games - One Deck Galaxy, One Deck Dungeon Abyssal Depths, various others - Character, objects, maps illustrator - 2018-presentDungeons & Randomness - Adventurer's Guide to Theria - Cover & character illustrator - 2019 & 2021Vector Thrust - Cutscene, Decals Illustrator - 2014-2016Pilgrims of Rao - Character, Cover Illustrator - 2015Contact: